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FOOD SAFETY — is an annual scientific and practical conference on the practical implementation of food safety principles for the representatives of food industry enterprises. The conference is held in the format of a conference-exhibition.
Representatives of government authorities, non-profit organizations; leading experts of the largest food industry enterprises
Staff who is accountable to the development of food safety management systems based on HACCP; directors of quality, production managers.
Manufacturers and suppliers of goods designed to maintain hygiene and safety in food enterprises
The first seminar was held in 2000. Since 2017 the event has gained the status of "international" and has become one of the leading events in the food industry. In 2018, the event changed the format from a "seminar" to a "scientific and practical conference" due to actual reports from experts in the field of food safety.
8th conference Food Safety news and nuances was held in 2019
people attended the conference in 2019
food industry enterprises took part in the conference in 2019

The results of conference